Hail the Union of Laborers

February 3, 2012

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Conservatives love cheap labor.  They are not concerned if a laborer working a 40-60 hour work week earns enough to live and avoid debt.  Henry Ford was a conservative in his day but even he understood that his business would flourish if his employees could afford to purchase the products they produced.  Conservatives today love to talk about the problems caused by illegal immigration but ultimately do not want to make any changes.  They might even talk about jobs being outsourced to foreign nations, but you’ll never see them move on this issue in law.  They are numb to the raw deal of capital spasms in the economy.   They keep the labor market in a constant churn with unemployment dragging down wages.   Though they would never say it, high unemployment is not that big of a deal to the conservatives.

Why do conservatives hate unions, and almost for the very same reasons, why are unions good for the middle and lower class?  They have pushed up wages for everyone.  They democratically represent the views and interests of the employees.  They protect employees from inhumane demands placed by management.  Conservatives want people to be desperate for a job so they will accept lesser working conditions, lower pay, few perks like medical coverage.   Unions help workers by giving them a voice in the workplace that forces employers to remunerate for the cost of labor.

Unions have traditionally been supportive of the democratic party and this is another reason they are targeted by conservatives.  It is politically and financially convenient.  When you sit back and look at the legislation being pushed by the various GOP controlled states this year, it is hard not to conclude that the GOP has initiated an undeclared war on unions.  Arizona is the latest battleground.  “Right to work” laws seem to neither protect rights nor the ability to work yet we must have more legal backsliding to the early 1900s for these conservative states.

You also hear a lot of braying over corrupt union officials and seeds of mistrust sown on this brave lot that takes on the sorry job of dealing with the mgmt.   I like to say at this point, you have no further to look than the k street lobby, super pacs,  our elected leaders constant fundraising, barely paying attention to the American people.  That’s the real corruption that no one is fighting.  In the meantime, I appreciate personally if there is a group that speaks for the interests of employees.  There is no choice but to have unions.


Elizabeth Eckford goes to school

President Obama goes to work

Thanks Melissa Harris-Perry!  Smart cookie!

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We have had the House of Representatives ruled by the GOP for over a year now.   I thought it might be instructive to review their year of inaction.  This list is by no means exhaustive and I’m sure someone else could better research and document the year in review.  My point in doing this is that this congress began with John Boehner yelling ‘where are the jobs?’  Did that yelling help your job search?

Here is what the GOP really wants to spend their time on:

  • In God We Trust
  • Terminate taxpayer voluntary funding of presidential campaigns
  • Repeal the Health Care act
  • Eliminate funding for NPR and PBS
  • Install a statue of Gerald Ford in the capitol
  • Terminate the Emergency Mortgage Relief program
  • Terminate the FHA Refinance Program
  • Eliminate tax funds for Planned Parenthood
  • Defund provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act
  • Prevent the EPA from addressing climate change due to greenhouse gases
  • Refuse to continue funding the government and jeopardizing the bond ratings of US Treasury bills.
  • Eliminate rules concerning the use of pesticides near water as regulated in the Water Pollution act
  • Deregulate clean air rules for oil drilling and refining
  • Fund non public elementary charter schools and CIA pensions
  • Eliminate financial transparency for the judicial branch
  • Balanced budget amendment to the constitution
  • Further deregulate Wall St
  • Defang rules established by executive order
  • Allow increases to payroll taxes

Don’t get me wrong, while I am opposed to most of these provisions, I am ambivalent to a few of these.  Back to my point though, where is the major jobs creation bill that was proposed and debated on the floor of the House?

Like I said, this is not an exhaustive list.  I think I forgot to include the ‘Improving the golf handicap act of 2011’.

Liberal Maxim 13

December 22, 2011

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Conservatives will say and do nearly anything to attain and retain power in office. 

That means the craziest schemes to move the public opinion may be entertained as possible ploy.  The current scheme is the attempt to prevent any further stimulus to our economy that may spur on a recovery.  It is a useful horse to beat in the next election if the public can be convinced that Obama is to blame for our continued stagnant recovery.  It has been openly stated that conservatives intend to make Obama a one term president and determined to make him fail at every step.  That also means the American people are doomed to fail so long as congress is willing to obstruct the Obama administration.

Here is a short list of examples to prove the maxim:

  • Wisconsin governor Scott Walker considered sending agent provacateurs into the initial protests that resulted out his draconian moves against public employees.
  • GWB got the supreme court to rule the 2000 Florida election in his favor despite the fact that all votes had not been counted.
  • Reagan set up an arms for hostages deal with Iran that prevented Carter from resolving the hostage crisis and set American voters against re-electing him.
  • GOP nominee Richard Nixon negotiated with North Vietnam to prevent President Johnson from ending the war.

These are all instances that have been documented beyond the realm of conspiracy theory.  If we wanted we could delve into those theories that have yet been shown to contain truth.

The craziest moves will be considered by righties who thirst to attain and retain power.

Liberal Maxims

November 11, 2011

Signing of the Constitution

Hello Intrepid Seeker of Truth and Wisdom!  Thanks for reading my first post, a list of maxims from a liberal viewpoint.

  1. Corporate influence in our government is at the crux of the struggle for our Republic.  Corporate interests collide with the interests of humans in the areas of environment, consumer safety, fair markets and personal freedoms.  Liberals believe humans should always trump corporations in these areas.
  2. Liberal economic policies (ie: regulated demand side trading with import tariffs) create rising living standards and sustainable growth while curtailing poverty at home.  Fair trade creates personal freedom, a growing middle class.  ‘Free’ trade creates poverty and wage slavery.
  3. Liberals believe in building, protecting and nurturing competitive free markets.   This is the environment for diverse growth markets to thrive.  Conservatives believe in protecting monopolies.  This creates an environment for wealth to trickle up to the higher end of monopoly chain
  4. Liberal social policies (ie: social security, medicare, various welfare programs) curtail poverty and create opportunity for social mobility.
  5. Money does not equal speech, yet conservatives on the Supreme Court have ensconced this false equivalence in US Law.
  6. Corporations are not people and do not deserve the rights of individuals guaranteed in the US Constitution, yet conservatives on the Supreme Court have ensconced this false equivalence in US Law.
  7. In the past, American workers have had ‘carrots’ to offer in order to achieve concessions from the management.  Mostly these carrots are gone as Americans settle into a 3rd world ‘free’ trade economy.  As the social compact of the 1930s becomes more broken, the people must demand reforms from the ruling class and impose censures (social or financial).  This is the only way to move back toward parity between the elites in power and the will of the people in the rule of law and the passage of law.  What other way is left for the cream to rise to the top in this ‘land of opportunity’? “Power concedes nothing without struggle.” (Frederick Douglass, freed American slave)
  8. Conservative and Tea Party Leaders believe the general population is stupid. They are interested in keeping the general public uneducated and uninformed. This allows the use of lies and half truths to manipulate public opinion.  How many bills have passed into law with innocuous or positive titles: ‘Patriot Act’ or  ‘No Child Left Behind’ that are ultimately hindrances to progress and freedom?  Information is still power if we can bring the information out at the right time.
  9. Conservatives love to attack on topics where they are weak and do not hold any moral authority.  Typically this includes areas where hypocritical beliefs may be easily exposed.  For example, conservative Christians love to berate the immorality of homosexuality instead of discussing the latest pastor or politician found to have homosexual tendencies.  Here is a great example from the weeks news:

    Diversionary tactics are the name of their game.

  10. Conservatives tend to use fear to motivate their voters.  Liberals tend to use hope to motivate their base.   This makes Liberals better leaders and Conservatives better followers.
  11. Conservatives love to find topics that divide the electorate.  Historically, their favorites have been homosexuality, firearms and religious freedoms.  They love to set up ‘strawmen’, a fake controversy and claim the moral high ground in attempt to make their perspective more attractive.  Witness the recent ‘In God We Trust’ legislation.
  12. Liberals can also be devout in a religion such as Christianity.   Jesus Christ certainly believed in the principles of providing for common weal and care and love of common humankind.  This aligns Jesus Christ against many principles of conservatism and in harmony with principles of Liberalism.
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