Hope Springs

March 20, 2012

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Winter is over, time to spring into action.  I believe the spring of occupation will provide a sea change in our political discourse.  When the movement awakens from a seasonal hibernation, the nation will move.  An undeniable mass of people is an undeniable force. It will be awesome to see as well, much more fun than the tired old debates and listening to politicians try to outmaneuver each other.

It will go viral this spring.   It has to.  There is no choice but for the occupy movement to become a cottage industry.  The pols will have to get serious very quickly about engaging the issues that the occupy movement is kicking up.

I hope Obama spends time engaging with the Occupiers.   He needs to understand the outcry and speak to it even more.  They will lift him on their shoulders if he does this and carry him right back into the white house.

If the movement rears up as I think it will, the whole paradigm will shift on a dime into our time, the future is now.

United States of Animal Car


Hail the Union of Laborers

February 3, 2012

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Conservatives love cheap labor.  They are not concerned if a laborer working a 40-60 hour work week earns enough to live and avoid debt.  Henry Ford was a conservative in his day but even he understood that his business would flourish if his employees could afford to purchase the products they produced.  Conservatives today love to talk about the problems caused by illegal immigration but ultimately do not want to make any changes.  They might even talk about jobs being outsourced to foreign nations, but you’ll never see them move on this issue in law.  They are numb to the raw deal of capital spasms in the economy.   They keep the labor market in a constant churn with unemployment dragging down wages.   Though they would never say it, high unemployment is not that big of a deal to the conservatives.

Why do conservatives hate unions, and almost for the very same reasons, why are unions good for the middle and lower class?  They have pushed up wages for everyone.  They democratically represent the views and interests of the employees.  They protect employees from inhumane demands placed by management.  Conservatives want people to be desperate for a job so they will accept lesser working conditions, lower pay, few perks like medical coverage.   Unions help workers by giving them a voice in the workplace that forces employers to remunerate for the cost of labor.

Unions have traditionally been supportive of the democratic party and this is another reason they are targeted by conservatives.  It is politically and financially convenient.  When you sit back and look at the legislation being pushed by the various GOP controlled states this year, it is hard not to conclude that the GOP has initiated an undeclared war on unions.  Arizona is the latest battleground.  “Right to work” laws seem to neither protect rights nor the ability to work yet we must have more legal backsliding to the early 1900s for these conservative states.

You also hear a lot of braying over corrupt union officials and seeds of mistrust sown on this brave lot that takes on the sorry job of dealing with the mgmt.   I like to say at this point, you have no further to look than the k street lobby, super pacs,  our elected leaders constant fundraising, barely paying attention to the American people.  That’s the real corruption that no one is fighting.  In the meantime, I appreciate personally if there is a group that speaks for the interests of employees.  There is no choice but to have unions.

Elizabeth Eckford goes to school

President Obama goes to work

Thanks Melissa Harris-Perry!  Smart cookie!

Liberal Maxim 13

December 22, 2011

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Conservatives will say and do nearly anything to attain and retain power in office. 

That means the craziest schemes to move the public opinion may be entertained as possible ploy.  The current scheme is the attempt to prevent any further stimulus to our economy that may spur on a recovery.  It is a useful horse to beat in the next election if the public can be convinced that Obama is to blame for our continued stagnant recovery.  It has been openly stated that conservatives intend to make Obama a one term president and determined to make him fail at every step.  That also means the American people are doomed to fail so long as congress is willing to obstruct the Obama administration.

Here is a short list of examples to prove the maxim:

  • Wisconsin governor Scott Walker considered sending agent provacateurs into the initial protests that resulted out his draconian moves against public employees.
  • GWB got the supreme court to rule the 2000 Florida election in his favor despite the fact that all votes had not been counted.
  • Reagan set up an arms for hostages deal with Iran that prevented Carter from resolving the hostage crisis and set American voters against re-electing him.
  • GOP nominee Richard Nixon negotiated with North Vietnam to prevent President Johnson from ending the war.

These are all instances that have been documented beyond the realm of conspiracy theory.  If we wanted we could delve into those theories that have yet been shown to contain truth.

The craziest moves will be considered by righties who thirst to attain and retain power.

English: Teddy Roosevelt, the original Drug Moose.

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It has been pointed out to me recently that wielding rule of law over monopolies is in the domain of progressives more than the classic liberal philosophy.  Just my opinion but, I believe Jefferson would have been in agreement with Teddy Roosevelt in his day given the circumstances.  Corporate power did not exist in Jefferson’s time only emerging and growing more sophisticated in the mid 1800s.

By the time Roosevelt had a chance to deal with a monopoly, the Sherman Antitrust Act had been in place to allow him to go after the banksters of his day.   This movement grew out of 25-30 years of single owner domination of the railroad industry and widened as other problems associated with corporate power became apparent.  It is true that Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt have some differing ideas on what freedoms should be allowed, but I believe Jefferson would have adjusted his opinion if he had had to face the devilish details presented by corporate power.

The Monopoly Chain

December 9, 2011


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In the game Monopoly, the game is definitely over when one player owns all the properties.  You might say the game of free enterprise is over when a market is in a monopolistic condition.

What happens in a monopolistic market?

The price of a good is not set at market demand, rather it is controlled by the supplier in order to boost the ultimate price over market demand levels.  In this environment, wealth trickles up on a one way path, a MONOPOLY CHAIN which ends up in the pockets of a very few people.  There are no opportunities to compete unless you create your own market or go into a monopolized market and shake it loose somehow.

What happens when monopolies are broken up?

More jobs are created.  More people are participating in the industry of a given market in a competitive environment. Quality of product goes up and consumers get a wider array of options.

Monopolistic conditions may occur also in markets with just a few producers who can collude on price levels.  Trusts and collusions to artificially affect pricing must always be viewed with the greatest scorn by progressives.


Look away! Look away!

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The new stat on young families in America is not easy to whitewash. Conservatives in congress sit idle saying they can play no part. As Obama campaigns next year talking about what might have been, he won’t be espousing my belief that the GOP ideologues have plunged our nation into a multi generational slog through a third world economy and economic structure. They have been holding us back from recovery for a political calculation that they can get enough people to blame Obama and vote against their self interests.  Basically, American workers and unemployed college graduates are pawns in a crass ploy for power by the GOP working to make Obama a single term president.