Scowling at the Nation: Do We still have what IT takes?

April 25, 2012

Republicans for Obama

Republicans for Obama (Photo credit: EN2008)

Why does the GOP think they can push unpopular laws through?  We have seen limits passed on access to contraception and invasive laws designed to humiliate women who are seeking abortions.   The polling on these issues is conclusive.   Why do Republicans think they can stir up these contentious issues in an election year?  The prevailing wisdom before this year of breathtaking rollbacks in womens health rights has been that these issues are pushed in off election years.  Has the Right become so drunk with power, holding the majority of assets in the nation and using significant amounts to control access to government and outcomes of elections.   Do they believe they are going to be able to buy the elections or control the vote?

Apparently, they think the time is ripe to pull back the curtain a little to bring in more followers on a moral issue that they can claim is a high ground.  It is an absolutist posture that appeals to someone who does not want to think about the issue.  Oh we’ll hear the various politicians walk back from these extremes.  Mitt is starting to pivot back to the middle but make no mistake, we got to see some holy righteous bare ankle of the extremism of the GOP during their primary.

The GOP trifles with these moral quandaries and does nothing to recover the economy .  Also, they have taken the fight to contraception, the very practice that helps reduce abortions.  They must think we’re pretty dumb huh?  Maybe they just think they have the whole election thing ‘locked up’.  Make no mistake, just like Scott Walker, all these GOP players are wearing long frocks before entering office.  We don’t get to see the whole show until they make it there.  We only get to see their ugly proselytizing souls bared after they attain office.  We have seen enough to say there is definitely a misogynist,racially biased and homophobic agenda lurking behind the curtain.

The GOP is working all the angles and the Dems are days late and billions short.  It is a nearly vertical challenge, but rubber on the road, sweat and tears may still prevail.  If the people do not come together to solidly reject the GOP this years election, we will see the rollback of the 20th century and the ascendency of the robber barons of the new millennium.


3 Responses to “Scowling at the Nation: Do We still have what IT takes?”

  1. fidlerten Says:

    Yes the GOP think we’re all dumb and we’ll believe whatever we’re told. At least that’s the way it is for those who blindly watch only Fox News as their source of information, claiming it’s the only “Fair and Balance” news. We also know that Fox News isn’t real news at all because they’re always putting their spin on it and they only report what favors their views.

    Yes, also Republicans believe they got this next election locked up, with all the new Voter ID laws and redistricting and spin campaigns to paint Obama as some kind of crazy radical who’s selling our nation up the river to the Muslims. That along with taking away our guns! It doesn’t matter if there hasn’t been one piece of legislation on the table or even talk of legislation by this current administration concerning guns.

    There should be though, and as far as I’m concerned, if Obama is going to get blamed for something, he might as well try and be guilty of some of those things if they benefit us all.

    Good writing Joe, you should publish some of your work on my website sometime. Open invitation always.


    P.S. I”m no longer a site but self-hosted now.

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  3. okieprogressive Says:

    Reblogged this on okieprogressive and commented:
    What are they thinking?

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