Teapartiers are Suckers

April 10, 2012

US Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) ad...

US Representative Michele who? (R-Minn) addressing a Tea Party Express rally outside the Minnesota state capital building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The modern day tea party movement is just a hollow leg in the GOP meant to channel all the recent angst and fury in the right leaning grass roots over the disaster left behind by GWB.  Tea Party members are complete tools expressing true grievances but looking to the wrong party and wrong leaders to change the situation.  They are minions full of righteous outrage but caught up in the blame games that the GOP loves to play.  Irrationally, they look to the culture that created the mess for the answers to the problems.  They are happy to hand the keys to the car right back to the same group of drunk drivers that put the car into the ditch.

Should we pity the portion of the American public who have access to nothing but Faux news?  Can you blame someone who knows nothing else?  Its amazing when you sit back and look at all the catch phrases they seize on.  Then again there is something unfortunate for someone who lets others tell them how to think or what to believe.

The Tea Party was a construction of Dick Armey and a consortium of right wingers to mobilize their grass roots after a demoralizing loss of the presidency.   They bred a herd of dingoes that may not be easily controlled locally, but tea partiers mostly know who the head hyena should be when it comes to the presidency.  It will be interesting to see if Romney tries to boost his standing with the pack.

Many Tea Partiers don’t seem to realize they are just a subsect of the GOP.  They get all outraged about circumstances but they mostly fold into the mainstream GOP, the main source of much of the outrage.  We have seen the Tea Party have great sway in the GOP but also it seems to be an unbalancing force within the GOP because the Tea Party is at odds with the mainstream GOP.   This will continue to cause a ruckus for progressives at the local level and frustrate the GOP on a national level for years unless more fox zombies come out of their stupor and examine the cold hard facts.

To those who still fancy themselves members of Tea Party, it is not too late to go furthur afield and seek better leadership.  Ultimately, if you are a Tea Partier to this day, I do not know how you can bring yourself to vote for Romney.     You are a tool of the elites if you do.  Catch phrases like “Anyone but Obama” are from the same stuff that brought you GWB.


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  2. […] Teapartiers are Suckers (liberaltalkingpoints.wordpress.com) […]

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