Falling into the Cracks on Memory Lane

February 28, 2012

Slaves, Puritans and Poisoned Wheat - see expl...

Slaves, Puritans and Poisoned Wheat (Photo credit: drurydrama (Len Radin))

Sometimes when I look at the push by conservatives to pass restrictions controls and private invasions over rights to choose and contraception, I think the GOP would be happy taking us back to some Victorian 1800s form of culture or maybe back to the pilgrim days when the ladies got scarlet letters and witch trials.  Our country has taken years to evolve, but we have evolved as a society and culture.   It never fails to surprise me how much our GOP counterparts yearn for days of yore when the ladies wore long gowns and men nearly creamed at the sight of a mere bare ankle.

Speaking of the pilgrims, they left their country, bloody old britain,  to escape the power of a religion that wielded the power of the State in their personal lives, religion and society.   The State enforced an adherence to a particular belief system that was in disagreement with the beliefs of the puritans.   This was the conflict that birthed the concept of separation of church and state in our own constitution.   Funny how ‘freedom of religion’ is now being used by the GOP to allow a church to wield the power of the State.

Are the evangelical conservatives really that backwards?  I guess it’s time to dust off the frocks and chastity belts.


3 Responses to “Falling into the Cracks on Memory Lane”

  1. fidlerten Says:

    I suppose for us liberals, the GOP and especially one of the front runners for the Republican nomination has moved so far to the right that independents, no matter how they feel about Obama, are not going to want in the White House or in our congress.

    It is a scary thought wondering what America would be like under a Rick Santorum presidency. It’s not something I would want to discover.

  2. Steve Says:

    “It is a scary thought wondering what America would be like under a Rick Santorum presidency.” – fidlerten

    Shades of The Handmaid’s Tale!

    Among evangelicals there seems to be a fundamental misconstruction of “unlimited freedom of belief” as “unlimited freedom of action based on that belief.” When confronted with such blather, I am fond of reminding the fundies that although there are sects that advocate ritual human sacrifice among their beliefs, if they actually carry out such a sacrifice, it is still murder. I admit I enjoy watching their heads explode as they contemplate that simple fact!

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