barriers to contraception for adults

February 18, 2012

Rick Santorum's image of women and mothers

Rick Santorum's image of women and mothers

The logical conclusion of Rick Santorum  and the catholic church’s abhorence to birth control is something like the above picture carried out on a human scale.

Do we really need bigger families at this time in America?  Just saying , it costs money to raise a child.  Do we really need more poor people at this time?

You don’t see rightys get too upset when an innocent person is executed.   Yet they seem to  want to carry the ‘save every baby’ philosophy down to the legality of the sperm swimming upstream to the egg.

Ultimately they are advocating for more poverty by pushing on this issue.   I want to hear them talk all about it though.  I want to hear a whole GOP debate on contraception. Nearly every sentence uttered on the subject by the right is  b-s crazee!


7 Responses to “barriers to contraception for adults”

  1. carlos Says:

    Current christian thinking is predicated on the expectation that Jesus will return and that the faithful (some of them) will be brought up for judgement and live in heaven. So what’s the point of worrying about anything?

  2. takeittothelimit Says:

    Actually your pig and piglets picture reminds me more of government and Democrats, than Sanctorum.

    • Apparently you did not hear about Tricky Rick fraudulently charging the state of Pennsylvania for his kids to go to private school in Virginia. Sucking tax $$ off the teat of govt is just fine if you are a CONservative yes?

  3. Oldwhiskers Says:

    Just asking!

    It was stated, ” … it costs money to raise a child. Do we really need more poor people at this time?”

    Then why be pro amnesty for illegal aliens and pro contraception and pro abortion, all at the same time?

    Oh, okay! I think maybe I get it. Barack Obama needs the votes NOW, not later on. Right?

    An Enquiring Mind

    • I’m having difficulty seeing how alien amnesty has anything to do with contraception. Are you saying illegal aliens are all poor people? No racism going on there huh?

      My post was about contraception and not abortion, but since you bring it up: it makes sense to open up access to contraceptives so that we can reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and reduce overall the number of abortions.

      The issue of reducing access to contraception was raised by members of the GOP, not the Dems. While it is politically convenient for the Dems, they are only reaping the rewards of the GOP’s mistakes.

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