Liberal Maxim 14: Equality

February 14, 2012

Suffrage Paraders, N.Y. (LOC)

Suffrage Paraders, N.Y. (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

Liberals believe in equal opportunity.

We would not have fair employment and fair housing laws without liberals in government pushing for rules that discourage discrimination based on race, religion, gender.   Some of the big impact in governance through liberal philosophy have been the rules that protect opportunity and the right to vote.

It is one of the finest qualities in liberal philosophy.  Conservatives try to turn this positive into a negative by complaining about political correctness, impositions to the existing (stratified) social order.   They even claim we are trying to guarantee equal outcomes beyond the concepts of equal opportunity.  We need to remember that freedom and political power for all were enshrined in laws by liberals to protect from discrimination based on race, religion and gender.

Soon we may add orientation the that list.   It was impossible for the slavers of the 19th century to see the wisdom of the abolitionists.   Men in power could not hold back the tide of a generation of women pushing for suffrage.  Each of the turns of the struggles for greater equality among the people has only marked the beginning of larger shifts toward freedom within our culture.  There have been long drawn conflicts over how to approach the matters of equality but liberals have always been on the side of equality and freedom for all the People.


4 Responses to “Liberal Maxim 14: Equality”

  1. carpebootium Says:

    4. Liberal social policies (ie: social security, medicare, various welfare programs) curtail poverty and create opportunity for social mobility.
    13. Liberals believe in equal opportunity.

    I take two issues with the position that “liberal social policies” (particularly the welfare programs) and “equal opportunity” put us in. The first is the premise of welfare…that money (for rent, for food, for transportation, etc.) equals opportunity for social mobility. It comes all too close to this…

    The second is that “equal opportunity” is a misnomer
    can not be accomplished by any government short of Communism. The only way for opportunity to be equal is to take away the earned opportunities of the upper class, thereby penalizing the successful to create opportunity for your social welfare recipients. This is where the equal opportunity & social welfare argument always gets liberals tripped up in conversation because what you call “equal opportunity” is actually equal access/rights/protection under the law. Stick to civil liberties and civil rights and you have a quality case to make about what government should do. When you get into “equal opportunity” it is a short trip to Communism (or at least Socialism) and that is a stance that doesn’t sit well with Americans.

    • Medicare is just one of a portfolio of services that government can provide to reduce the number of people pushing shopping carts and dying of old age under the bridges or being refused service at the emergency room.

      Equal Opportunity is a policy to discourage discrimination based on religion race and gender. Why do conservatives always accuse liberals of discouraging discrimination based on merit? You are simply and totally wrong there.

      You also seem confused that one has something to do with the other. The only thing social welfare and eo have in relation is that they are both liberal policies.

      Oh and boo yah communism! Phhhhhtpppt! You gotta have a bogey man dontcha? 😉

  2. […] was the beginning of a step that follows a long line of steps to bring more equality to humanity and allow equal sets of rules to be applied for an oppressed group in our nation.   […]

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