The Shark of 2012?

December 28, 2011

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Building on Maxim 13, it could be that the next crazy ploy is back with Iran. Tensions between Iran and the US and Europe are building and it looks like elements of both sides are ready as ever to stoke the fires of war.

Hijinx to ensue? The set up is this:

Iran is pursuing nuclear arms and France, Britain and US are not happy with it. Talks are underway whether to halt oil imports from Iran to Europe and the US. Iran is threatening shipping in the straits of hormuz as a result. It’s unclear what Russia and China think about a nuclear Iran but a new brinksmanship is emerging.

Watch for a growing rabid open calls in the GOP for war with Iran. It’s a great chance to pound your chest , shout about appeasement and throw around a few banana peels. Even a threat of Iranian conflict will push up gas prices on the futures market – not good for an election year incumbent. Also an environment is created that is ripe for provocative scenarios by the dark ops partisans. Would the GOP like to take the Iran tiger by the tail to throw up some dust into the political arena? You bet.

As a liberal, I am torn. I do not want to advocate war, but also not sure if I trust a nuclear armed Iran despite that it is a sovereign nation pursuing arms achieved by many other nations. If I feel like that, I’m pretty sure most Americans can willingly swallow the bitter pill of a war with Iran.

It may be that time is dwindling before we will not be able to choose whether there is a nuclear Iran. On the other hand, perhaps the pride we carry as Americans fools us into thinking we can prevent a nuclear Iran. Will anyone be able to cool the war machines at odds in this situation?


3 Responses to “The Shark of 2012?”

  1. eideard Says:

    Best guesses I’ve seen from Market geeks is $4/gallon gasoline this summer.

  2. acollectionofatoms Says:

    I sure hope not.

  3. I think a strike on Iran is likely this year. I also think this is one of the few areas where the GOP and the current administration likely agree on policy options.

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