Liberal Maxim 13

December 22, 2011

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Conservatives will say and do nearly anything to attain and retain power in office. 

That means the craziest schemes to move the public opinion may be entertained as possible ploy.  The current scheme is the attempt to prevent any further stimulus to our economy that may spur on a recovery.  It is a useful horse to beat in the next election if the public can be convinced that Obama is to blame for our continued stagnant recovery.  It has been openly stated that conservatives intend to make Obama a one term president and determined to make him fail at every step.  That also means the American people are doomed to fail so long as congress is willing to obstruct the Obama administration.

Here is a short list of examples to prove the maxim:

  • Wisconsin governor Scott Walker considered sending agent provacateurs into the initial protests that resulted out his draconian moves against public employees.
  • GWB got the supreme court to rule the 2000 Florida election in his favor despite the fact that all votes had not been counted.
  • Reagan set up an arms for hostages deal with Iran that prevented Carter from resolving the hostage crisis and set American voters against re-electing him.
  • GOP nominee Richard Nixon negotiated with North Vietnam to prevent President Johnson from ending the war.

These are all instances that have been documented beyond the realm of conspiracy theory.  If we wanted we could delve into those theories that have yet been shown to contain truth.

The craziest moves will be considered by righties who thirst to attain and retain power.


3 Responses to “Liberal Maxim 13”

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  2. Tim Says:

    Interestingly, I find that it is the liberals that will do anything. Not the conservatives. Anyone who can sit and watch an interview with Debbie Wasserman Schultz and not be flabbergasted by the lies, just doesn’t want to know the truth. I was a liberal for years. I just couldn’t defend the arguments any more. They just didn’t make any sense to me.

    • Thanks for commenting Tim, but you have nothing but rumors and innuendo. Happy to engage w you if you have something more concrete, but bring some facts to your empty table or I’m not going to sit down w you.

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