Liberalism had a baby and we named it Progressivism

December 15, 2011

English: Teddy Roosevelt, the original Drug Moose.

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It has been pointed out to me recently that wielding rule of law over monopolies is in the domain of progressives more than the classic liberal philosophy.  Just my opinion but, I believe Jefferson would have been in agreement with Teddy Roosevelt in his day given the circumstances.  Corporate power did not exist in Jefferson’s time only emerging and growing more sophisticated in the mid 1800s.

By the time Roosevelt had a chance to deal with a monopoly, the Sherman Antitrust Act had been in place to allow him to go after the banksters of his day.   This movement grew out of 25-30 years of single owner domination of the railroad industry and widened as other problems associated with corporate power became apparent.  It is true that Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt have some differing ideas on what freedoms should be allowed, but I believe Jefferson would have adjusted his opinion if he had had to face the devilish details presented by corporate power.


2 Responses to “Liberalism had a baby and we named it Progressivism”

  1. mcbarth Says:

    This reminds me – I was thinking today about the rise of political parties, something many of the founders were against/didn’t expect. I think whenever there is a debate about what a “founding father” would believe where he alive today, we have to acknowledge that political parties and corporations as they exist today weren’t around in that time…

    (p.s I have a blog – please check it out, would like to hear what you think)

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