End of the World Conservatives

November 19, 2011

Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, by Viktor Vasnets...

Four Horsemen

Armageddon is referenced in the Revelations biblical scripture as the end of the world.  End of the world Conservatives fully expect a rapture to come and lift them to heaven some time soon.  Because we live in a millenial calendar transition, many ‘rapturists’ are convinced we are living in the end of times.  Folks of this ilk don’t feel motivated to ‘go green’ or think about the future for the next generations.   What’s the point they can argue, Jesus is coming to take us away anyway.   They ask, ‘who are we as puny humans to presume we can affect God’s plan such as affecting the global climate?’  In such a mind set, how much does it matter to prepare for the future or leave our world any better for our children?

I would love it if you are in that number and have read this.  Please ask yourself, what if my pastor is wrong?  What if the end of the world, ‘Armageddon’ is much later or perhaps already happened and generations still have an opportunity to live full lives on this earth if humans as carbon release agents don’t mess it up.  I think that means everything goes back to ‘God helps those who help themselves.’


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