We live in an era where industry has cut wide swaths through nature that have far flung impact.  In some areas it is too late to go back.  Look at fishermen in the gulf for the latest testimonials to one industry steam rolling another.  Deregulation and lack of enforcement of existing rules have brought us to a might makes right form of capitalism.  Surely there are conservative proponents for rules and their enforcement in maritime operations.  The truth is that big business has endangered our existence without any reforms to the existing structure of industrial trade and production.   The drill baby drill mantra is a siren song calling the ship of humanity closer to a climax of doom and upheaval.

Look away! Look away!

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The new stat on young families in America is not easy to whitewash. Conservatives in congress sit idle saying they can play no part. As Obama campaigns next year talking about what might have been, he won’t be espousing my belief that the GOP ideologues have plunged our nation into a multi generational slog through a third world economy and economic structure. They have been holding us back from recovery for a political calculation that they can get enough people to blame Obama and vote against their self interests.  Basically, American workers and unemployed college graduates are pawns in a crass ploy for power by the GOP working to make Obama a single term president.

Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, by Viktor Vasnets...

Four Horsemen

Armageddon is referenced in the Revelations biblical scripture as the end of the world.  End of the world Conservatives fully expect a rapture to come and lift them to heaven some time soon.  Because we live in a millenial calendar transition, many ‘rapturists’ are convinced we are living in the end of times.  Folks of this ilk don’t feel motivated to ‘go green’ or think about the future for the next generations.   What’s the point they can argue, Jesus is coming to take us away anyway.   They ask, ‘who are we as puny humans to presume we can affect God’s plan such as affecting the global climate?’  In such a mind set, how much does it matter to prepare for the future or leave our world any better for our children?

I would love it if you are in that number and have read this.  Please ask yourself, what if my pastor is wrong?  What if the end of the world, ‘Armageddon’ is much later or perhaps already happened and generations still have an opportunity to live full lives on this earth if humans as carbon release agents don’t mess it up.  I think that means everything goes back to ‘God helps those who help themselves.’

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For hundreds of years, nations have traded with other countries based on political relations.  Protections or tariffs were imposed on imports from nations depending on how well the trading nations were relating.   I believe this is a natural state of affairs which the world will ultimately slip back toward.   Nations SHOULD compete on many levels in order to achieve acceptance within certain affiliations.

GATT, the general agreement on tariffs and trade has usurped the ability of nations to set requirements on their trade partners.  This has forced nations with higher living standards to compete with nations who have low living standards.   Nations want their citizens to be employed and so a trading environment has been set up where environmental protections, product safety rules and local market opportunities are on the ebb.

It may be that these agreements were allowed because the US negotiated bulk purchase of Treasury bonds along with perks such as ‘most favored nation’ status for nations such as China.  So far, that monetary policy has disastrous endgames if that is what is in play.

Liberal Maxims

November 11, 2011

Signing of the Constitution

Hello Intrepid Seeker of Truth and Wisdom!  Thanks for reading my first post, a list of maxims from a liberal viewpoint.

  1. Corporate influence in our government is at the crux of the struggle for our Republic.  Corporate interests collide with the interests of humans in the areas of environment, consumer safety, fair markets and personal freedoms.  Liberals believe humans should always trump corporations in these areas.
  2. Liberal economic policies (ie: regulated demand side trading with import tariffs) create rising living standards and sustainable growth while curtailing poverty at home.  Fair trade creates personal freedom, a growing middle class.  ‘Free’ trade creates poverty and wage slavery.
  3. Liberals believe in building, protecting and nurturing competitive free markets.   This is the environment for diverse growth markets to thrive.  Conservatives believe in protecting monopolies.  This creates an environment for wealth to trickle up to the higher end of monopoly chain
  4. Liberal social policies (ie: social security, medicare, various welfare programs) curtail poverty and create opportunity for social mobility.
  5. Money does not equal speech, yet conservatives on the Supreme Court have ensconced this false equivalence in US Law.
  6. Corporations are not people and do not deserve the rights of individuals guaranteed in the US Constitution, yet conservatives on the Supreme Court have ensconced this false equivalence in US Law.
  7. In the past, American workers have had ‘carrots’ to offer in order to achieve concessions from the management.  Mostly these carrots are gone as Americans settle into a 3rd world ‘free’ trade economy.  As the social compact of the 1930s becomes more broken, the people must demand reforms from the ruling class and impose censures (social or financial).  This is the only way to move back toward parity between the elites in power and the will of the people in the rule of law and the passage of law.  What other way is left for the cream to rise to the top in this ‘land of opportunity’? “Power concedes nothing without struggle.” (Frederick Douglass, freed American slave)
  8. Conservative and Tea Party Leaders believe the general population is stupid. They are interested in keeping the general public uneducated and uninformed. This allows the use of lies and half truths to manipulate public opinion.  How many bills have passed into law with innocuous or positive titles: ‘Patriot Act’ or  ‘No Child Left Behind’ that are ultimately hindrances to progress and freedom?  Information is still power if we can bring the information out at the right time.
  9. Conservatives love to attack on topics where they are weak and do not hold any moral authority.  Typically this includes areas where hypocritical beliefs may be easily exposed.  For example, conservative Christians love to berate the immorality of homosexuality instead of discussing the latest pastor or politician found to have homosexual tendencies.  Here is a great example from the weeks news:

    Diversionary tactics are the name of their game.

  10. Conservatives tend to use fear to motivate their voters.  Liberals tend to use hope to motivate their base.   This makes Liberals better leaders and Conservatives better followers.
  11. Conservatives love to find topics that divide the electorate.  Historically, their favorites have been homosexuality, firearms and religious freedoms.  They love to set up ‘strawmen’, a fake controversy and claim the moral high ground in attempt to make their perspective more attractive.  Witness the recent ‘In God We Trust’ legislation.
  12. Liberals can also be devout in a religion such as Christianity.   Jesus Christ certainly believed in the principles of providing for common weal and care and love of common humankind.  This aligns Jesus Christ against many principles of conservatism and in harmony with principles of Liberalism.
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